Temperature & Pressure Measurement


Industrial Thermometers

The Trerice BX Type Industrial Thermometer has long been recognized as the industry standard. This adjustable angle, aluminum case, mercury-in-glass thermometer is also available in rigid case configurations (7″, 9″, 12″), and with various stem length and stem material options. Union connection bushings and thermowells are available in a wide selection of dimensions and materials.


Bimetal Thermometers

Trerice Bimetal Thermometers are available in a wide variety of configurations including adjustable angle, back or bottom connection. Dial sizes are 5″, 3″, 2″ & 1″. All models are of welded stainless steel construction and are hermetically sealed. The 5″ diameter adjustable angle model is excellent for most industrial applications where maximum read-ability and angle of installation are important. The 3″ rigid back or lower connection models offer high quality at an economical price. There is a Trerice Bimetal Thermometer available for every application.


Dial Thermometers

Trerice Dial Thermometers are available in either adjustable direct mounted or remote connected designs with bronze or stainless steel sensing bulbs and connecting tubing. Actuation mediums are vapor, solid liquid or mercury and cover a wide variety of applications and temperature ranges from -100°F to 1000°F. Cases are 3 1/2″ stainless steel or 4 1/2″ through 8 1/2 ” cast aluminum.



Pressure Gauges

Trerice Pressure Gauges have won praise from mechanical designers, construction engineers and industrial instrumentation specialists for their rugged design and quality of manufacture. There is a Trerice gauge available for nearly every application, in a wide variety of sizes (1 1/2″ through 12″), styles and materials. Trerice accessories are available to handle the most severe applications.


Diaphragm Seals

Trerice Diaphram Seals protect and isolate the pressure sensing elements of pressure indicating devices such as gauges, switches and transmitters from corrosive process fluids. All Trerice Diaphragm Seals are of the continuous duty type which minimizes the possibility of diaphragm rupture leading to the escape of the process fluid. Trerice Diaphragm Seals are available in a number of different styles and configurations in a wide variety of materials of construction to meet the demands of all applications.



Electronic Controllers

Trerice Electronic Controllers are recommended for use on applications where large load changes are expected, or the need for extreme accuracy and fast response time exist. With full “auto tune” capabilities and a large selection of inputs, Trerice Electronic Controllers are ideally suited for use with Trerice Control Valves.



Temperature & Pressure Controllers, Pneumatic & Electric

Trerice Series 87700 Pneumatic Indicating Controllers are available for either temperature or pressure control and may be specified with on-off or proportional pneumatic outputs. These controllers are ideally suited for use with Trerice Air-Operated Control Valves. The Trerice Model L84000 Electric Contact Temperature Controller is available in single or multiple switch configurations (up to 4) and is used in conjunction with Trerice 960 Series Solenoid Valves. Solenoid valves can be supplied in sizes 3/8″ through 3″.


Air Operated Control Valves

Trerice Air Operated Diaphragm Control Valves are actuated by 3-15 PSIG air signal from either a Trerice Model 87700 Pneumatic Controller or a Trerice Model TAPAB I-P Transducer used in conjunction with a Trerice Model TR863 Electronic Controller. Our 910 Series comes standard with many of the features usually available on more expensive units. The 940 Series is well suited to severe service conditions where its heavy duty construction and high performance capabilities make it the choice of specifying engineers across a wide range of industries. These valves are available in sizes from 1/8″ reduced port through 8″, in 2-way and 3-way designs, and in a number of body materials. Trerice also offers a variety of plug designs, as well as both pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners, and a full compliment of other accessories.


Temperature Regulators

Trerice 91000 Series Self-Operating Temperature Regulators are the #1 choice of original equipment manufacturers, mechanical contractors and industrial process engineers. These regulators are the ideal choice for temperature control of industrial equipment, tanks and process streams. The self-operating design provides reliable performance under the most extreme conditions without the need for an external power source. These regulators are available with 2-way and 3-way valves in sizes ranging from 1/8″ reduced port to 6″. Capillary systems and thermowells are available in a variety of materials.

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